Siege Battle Description


Entry will be unlocked at player level 8.

Send forth your allies to earn Gold and steal Gold from other users in Siege Battles!



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Before entering Siege Battles, allies must be dispatched in the fortress first.

To do that, tap 'Ally Dispatch' AllyDispatch and choose a dispatch time (2-hour, 5-hour or 10-hour).

Then, tap 'Find Opponent' FindOpponent and 'Raid' to enter a siege battle.

There are independent battle chances for different dispatch time.

Also please refer to the Arena page for similar functions >> Arena Icon

Tax table

Dispatch Time Max. % increase Max. Tax
2 hours (?)% Gold (?) Gold
5 hours (?)% Gold (?) Gold
10 hours 100% Gold 200,000 Gold


Achievements Rewards
Star 30 Stars Basic Ally Gem 5 Basic Ally Gems
Star 60 Stars Gold 3,000 Gold
Star 90 Stars Intermediate Ally Gem 3 Intermediate Ally Gems
Star 120 Stars Gold 10,000 Gold
Star 150 Stars Advanced Ally Gem 1 Advanced Ally Gem